Rotary Club of Crook County Scholarship FAQs

  • $243,000 raised and awarded to high school scholarship recipients since we started this fundraiser in 1996
  • $18,000 in scholarships awarded in 2018 to graduates of Crook County High School
  • 2019 represents our 24nd annual event.  To apply, download the applications below.


Use the secure Paypal button to the right to participate in Crook County Rotary’s efforts to educate our future leaders.


Deadline for 2019 applications is April 26.  The application process requires students to have a minimum GPA of 2.75 (or show successful grade improvement during high school) and to submit a timely, accurate and complete application packet.

Download applications 

 Meet Some of Our Past Scholarship Recipients!


Kara Merrill -Attending Willamette University, Kara is majoring in Economics and has been accepted to the 3-2 BA/MBA program.  This five-year program will allow her to finish her Bachelor’s degree while simultaneously beginning her Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Kara sees the value in paying it forward to her community.  During her Christmas break, she spent two days in the classrooms at Crook County High School sharing her college experience with her former underclassmen.  She talked about what did, and did not, prepare her for college, the importance of AP and college-credit classes, the importance of scholarships and how to navigate that application process.  She also provided insight into what life is like at a college like Willamette University.


Brick Woodward -Brick chose to attend the University of Mississippi.  Although it was difficult to move so far away from his family, his community and his friends, Brick immersed himself in campus and community life at Ole Miss.  By networking in class, participating in study groups, utilizing his Professors’ office hours, joining Phi Delta Theta fraternity and volunteering at several events in the Oxford community, Brick has developed a new network of friends, and professional connections. His greatest challenge has become his greatest asset.

Brick felt his family and the close community in which he grew up prepared him and taught him valuable lessons which helped him succeed.  He is thriving at Ole Miss, maintaining a 3.62 GPA while impacting the campus and community through his commitment to academics, service to community as well as maintaining and exhibiting the ideals instilled in him by his family and hometown.


Kohlter Kee is attending COCC to become an Emergency Medical Technician and licensed paramedic.  In order to jumpstart his college academics, he took college credits courses and advanced coursework in math and science while in high school.

Kohlter was a four year, three sport athlete at Crook County High.  Being captain or co-captain for all the sports he played, he earned the respect of his coaches who view him as a leader both on and off the court.  His coach indicated that Kohlter “is mentally tough and he is one of the very best on my team when it comes to tackling adversity with a strong mental fortitude.” These qualities will serve him well as he works to become a firefighter and paramedic.


Paul Miller is attending Western Oregon University in hopes of becoming a Lawyer and possibly a politician.  After completing his education, he would like to serve in the US Navy for 4 years.  A member of NJROTC, Paul believes in the importance of serving one’s country.  Paul volunteered at the Bowman Museum, helping to inventory and organize paperwork to be sent to the Library of Congress.  He has confidence that a key to our future is helping Americans build their knowledge in history in order to learn from our past.

His mentors at Crook County High said that the NJROTC program has helped encourage him to appreciate and value hard work and learn the value of a good work ethic and a job well done.  Through this program, Paul was challenged to define and use his strengths to not only improve his own status, but that of others.  A great foundation for a future political leader!


Shelby Worthing is pursuing a Major in Economics and a Minor in Environmental Science at Western Oregon University.  Holding down two jobs while taking 22 credits is now easy task especially while maintaining a 3.73 GPA.  Learning ways to compensate for her reading disability, Shelby sets her sites above her limitations and strives for excellence in everything she does.  In the near future, she hopes to study abroad at the University of Economics located in The Czech Republic in order to develop her experiences that will contribute to her success as a global citizen.

Shelby joined the Modal United Nations club at Western Oregon University because she wanted to study the issues facing the international community.  She developed new skills doing research and writing resolution papers.  This experience changed her outlook on life and allowed her to attend an international conference in Switzerland as part of the American delegation team.  This conference at the Palace of Nations taught the student delegates from around the world to develop resolutions that were fair and helpful for all delegations involved.  Being involved in community as a child helped formulate Shelby’s desire to be involved in this larger international community.

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