2015 Rose Sale

It’s almost hunting season…

so you know what that means??

Rotary Roses annual event is here!

 Place your order for delivery on
September 30th. 

All of you hunters out there getting ready to leave your wife behind
to spend a week with the guys….
Don’t you think a dozen roses delivered to your wife
will put a smile back on her face?
(…And let you feel a little less guilty for leaving her with all the chores?)

Maybe you don’t hunt (or didn’t draw a tag).
Rotary Roses are still a great way to:

Let your sweetheart know how much you love her.

Let your employees know they are appreciated
with a dozen roses delivered to your office.

Say “thank you” to Mom
for all the special things she has done for you over the years,
and don’t forget Grandma
as it will certainly brighten her day!

Remember all the times you picked on your sister???
Maybe its time to let her know you really do think she is the best!

Purchase a dozen roses for someone special in your life!

Roses are only $20 per dozen.
Proceeds support the efforts of our Rotary Club of Crook County.

To order:
Contact your favorite Rotarian,
Call Mandy Cordiner at 541.362.5606,

order on-line, by clicking the Paypal button below:


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